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By Stephen Reney
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Chicory Press was founded in the belief that everyone's story deserves to be heard. We offer a voice for both first time and established authors, providing support in their writing journey from the creative process throughout and beyond publication.

Stories aren't just a way of transporting us, but a way of connecting, author to reader, soul to soul, through the pages. Each one of our books are labors of love from our authors and entire creative staff, making every Chicory Press publication a story worth reading.

***Please note that we are currently closed for submissions and any works submitted will not be reviewed and cannot be returned.***

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Devine's Providence

One For Sorrow

Coming Soon

We Who Own the Night

Coming Soon
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Stephen Reney

Stephen is the Reader's Favorite Five Star Award-winning author of Devine's Providence, a charming take on the classic Noir detective story, and the upcoming We Who Own The Night, which has been described " if Agatha Christie wrote American Psycho".

His passion is for mysteries of all types, but specifically those with layered characters and rich and immersive settings. Stephen lives in Massachusetts.

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